New to Travel? We Have the Answers...

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Q. How long does a travel nursing assignment last?
A. The average assignment lasts 13 weeks. Many nurses work up to four travel jobs per year and are employed year-round.
2 Q. For how long a period can I work as a travel nurse?
A. RNs can continue to accept new travel contract assignments for as long as they'd like. Some nurses only travel and have for decades. The need for RN travel jobs is fueled by the nation’s nurse shortage so hospitals are always hiring.
3 Q. Where are travel nurse jobs located?
A. Amare staffs top-ranked hospitals and out-patient centers in all 50 U.S. States. We specialize in travel nursing jobs where you can explore big cities, small towns, and resort destinations coast to coast.
4 Q. How do I qualify for a travel nurse job?
A. Registered Nurses with a minimum of 18 months of hospital experience in the same specialty qualify.
5 Q. Can I take time off between assignments?
A. Yes. Freedom and flexibility are why many RNs pursue a career in travel nursing. As important as finding a job you like is spending quality time with family and friends. Take a few weeks off, enjoy life and come back to traveling when you’re ready!
6 Q. How do travel nursing jobs differ from a permanent RN job?
A. As a travel RN you explore new places and meet new people. You gain valuable experience working in multiple healthcare settings and have the flexibility to enjoy your surroundings. Many pursue a career in travel nursing to avoid the burnout often associated with staff positions.
7 Q. What type of benefits package will I receive?
A. Travel nurse jobs with Amare come with housing stipends, health insurance (medical, dental, life), bonuses, travel, and licensure reimbursements, 401(k) and more. Our comprehensive benefits package is highly competitive and in many ways superior to permanent RN jobs.
8 Q. Do I get to choose where I travel?
A. Yes. You get to pick the state, the hospital and healthcare setting. We have RN travel jobs now in exciting cities like San Diego, Miami, Seattle, and Chicago and in rural and suburban settings in the Midwest, New England, and Sunbelt. Travel nursing jobs in California, Florida and Hawaii reveal miles of sprawling coastline and gorgeous beach.
9 Q. Can I travel with family, friends, or pets?
A. Yes to all the above. In fact, many say they enjoy travel nursing more when they take along a partner or pet companion.
10 Q. Can you get me and my travel collaborate an RN travel job in the same area?
A. We frequently arrange travel nursing jobs for friends and spouses. Make sure you ask about our Referral Bonus program!
11 Q. How do I go from one travel nursing assignment to the next?
A. Toward the end of your travel nurse job assignment your recruiter will discuss your options. You may want to extend your assignment or choose a new one in a different location. Unless you request time off between assignments, we work diligently to keep you employed as a full-time travel nurse.
Graduate nurses can leave a profile in our database for future travel nurse job opportunities. To learn more call 1-888-772-5470 or email one of our friendly recruiters at We would love to hear from you.