Professional Resources

Licensing – State Boards of Nursing
Continuing Education – Continuing Education Opportunities
Nursing Publications and General Nursing Resources – General Information Sites for Nursing
Specialty Nursing Organizations – Important Sites Focused on Nurse Specialties
Nurse Certification Programs – Information on Advanced Certification Programs
Quick Links for Nurses – Key Informative Sites for Nurses
Log In to PayPal – Make Payments / Send Money
Interview and Resume Tips – What to ask and be asked
Relocation Resources – Helpful Links for Moving, Traveling, Networking & More
Working Advantage – Nationwide Discounts on Retail, Travel, Sporting Events & Entertainment
Travel FAQ – Answers to questions regarding travel, local contract and per-diem assignments
Tax Advantage Program
Tax Facts for Healthcare Travelers
Direct Personal Care Training – PA Personal Care Direct Staff Training Course
Employee Handbook – Policies and Procedures