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Becoming a traveler

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Becoming a traveler

How do I become a Nursing traveler?

To become a Nursing traveler, you will need to complete a one-step application process. Start by filling out an online application or call an employment specialist today at 1-888-772-5470. Our expert Employment Specialists will evaluate your qualifications and contact you to discuss assignment options that match your particular skills and experience.

What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum experience requirements depend on your area of specialty, the facility, unit and sometimes even the location. The facilities we work with have different requirements and preferences, but the majority of Clients request a minimum of one year of experience. For some specialties, the minimum can be as high as three years.

Is travel nursing a smart choice in a declining economy?

Demand for travel nurses continues to grow even in tough economic times. In fact, the current need is so great that salary ranges for travel nurses are at all-time highs. When you travel with us, you’ll have the security of knowing that you’ll always have thousands of facility choices in all 50 states, including positions with the top facilities across the country. And when you’re ready to move on to your next assignment, you can always count on us to have a variety of jobs available to you. As a traveling nurse, you’ll also have the freedom to choose ‘low cost of living’ locations where your earnings potential and purchasing power goes further. Additional benefits such as increased travel reimbursements have made traveling the perfect solution for many nurses who want to shield their family from tough economic times.

Am I under any obligation after submitting my application?

No. Your application is simply used as a qualification for you to travel. You can choose to travel now or in the future. Once your application is processed, there will be an assignment waiting for you whenever you decide to travel.

Are there any fees associated with your services?

No, never. Our Clients pay for our services.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?

No. Your commitment to AMS only extends for the length of the assignment you agree to take.

Can I travel with my family or pets?

Absolutely! It's a great way to explore the country and to share the fun and excitement of your travel experiences. See the housing section for more details.

Pay and bonuses

How much will I earn?

Pay rates vary depending on the facility and location, as well as your specialty. But with AMS's new take-home pay rates for nurses, you can earn up to 15% more on each paycheck! Your take-home travel nursing pay will include a daily incentive for meals and incidentals, which in turn increases the size of your paycheck. You can now earn more money than ever before when you travel with AMS. In addition to our new take-home pay rates for nurses, many hospitals offer generous completion and sign-on bonuses, ranging from $500 to $10,000. For specific pay rate information, and more details on take-home pay rates, please contact your employment specialist.

When and how will I be paid?

As a traveling Nurse, you will be paid weekly directly from our payroll. We provide payment by direct deposit into your bank account. If you choose direct deposit, your payroll stub will be available online or mailed to you for your records.

Will I earn a bonus if I refer another employee to AMS?

We greatly appreciate any referrals you send to us, and as soon as your friend or colleague completes his or her first 160 hours, you are eligible for up to a $500 bonus. If you want further details, please contact us.

Do your assignments offer cash bonuses?

Yes, hundreds of our assignments offer cash bonuses ranging from $500 to $10,000. These incentives, usually offered as completion bonuses, are paid at the end of your assignment. Ask your employment specialist for more information. AMS also offers Continuity Cash and Loyalty Bonuses that provide our travelers more opportunities to enhance their compensation.

How are the new Take-Home Pay Rates for nurses different from a “tax advantage” program?

Our new take-home pay rate for nurses includes a daily meals and incidentals expense, which is also typically the basis of a “tax advantage” program. This expense allows you to receive more after-tax dollars in each paycheck. Travelers with a permanent tax home will see the maximum benefit of this compensation package. For a full definition of a permanent tax home, go to the IRS website.

How is AMS's program different from others?

Unlike some other “tax advantage” programs, our take-home pay package complies with all IRS guidelines. You can feel confident knowing that AMS’s team of tax professionals worked diligently to research all applicable tax laws, making our traveling nurses the first priority. Our program offers a consistent and easy payment structure, which could eliminate the need for you to track receipts—making things easy for you!

Benefits and incentives

What benefits do you offer?

Traveling Nurses are among the highest paid healthcare professionals in the industry. We also offer a wide variety of benefits including day-one health insurance, dental and life insurance, free premium private housing, 401(k) retirement plans, free continuing education and continuing education reimbursements, travel reimbursement, incentive programs and much more. For more specific information, please visit our pay benefits section.

Do I still have health benefits when I'm not on assignment?

Yes. You may take up to 30 days off between assignments and still maintain your health benefits.

How do I enroll in your 401(k) retirement plan?

It's never too early to start planning for your retirement. You are eligible to enroll in our 401(k) during your first assignment! You may contribute up to the maximum the IRS guidelines permit tax free. Our 401(k) plan is managed by Lincoln Financial and includes a variety of well-known stock, bond and money market funds. Ask an employment specialist for details!

Do you offer free education?

Yes, we do. Utilizing several resources, you can sign up for free online continuing education. By going to these Web sites, our travelers can view a list of all the current courses, preview the course material, take tests and print course certificates from any computer at any time. Any fees incurred for any continuing education will be reimbursed up to $1,000 per annum.

What incentive programs do you offer?

As soon as you complete an application, you'll instantly be able to enjoy the benefits of our Workforce Advantage program, which offers discounts on hotels, cellular phone service, computer equipment, health club membership and more.

Travel assignments

How long are travel assignments?

Typically, assignments range from 8 to 13 weeks. However, we can often be flexible, offering shorter or longer assignments customized to your needs. And many times, you can extend an assignment that you particularly enjoy.

Where do you offer assignments?

We work in thousands of facilities in all 50 states. From major cities to rural communities, we have assignments in more locations and at more facilities than any other travel nursing company. Tell us where you want to go, and we'll get you there.

Will I work full time or part time on assignment?

All of our assignments are for full-time 36- or 40-hour work weeks. If you would like more hours, however, many assignments also offer the opportunity to work overtime.

What kind of facility will I work in as a traveler?

Our travelers work primarily in hospital settings. The size of the hospitals can range from very large teaching hospitals to small community healthcare facilities. However, assignments also exist in Outpatient Clinics and Long-Term Care Facilities.

How do I choose an assignment?

Once we have reviewed your application and skills checklist, you and your employment specialist will discuss your assignment expectations, career goals and your desired destination in order to find the best assignment for you. You will then be presented with available assignments, including details on the pay rate, facility, unit, shifts, location and bonuses. From that list, you will interview with the facilities of your choice. All interviews are done over the phone. After your interview, you and your employment specialist will decide which assignment represents the best opportunity for you.

Can I work as a traveler in my hometown?

Yes, we have plenty of local "travel" opportunities. With our local travel program, you can still enjoy all the benefits of travel nursing, without leaving your family or the comforts of your home. It's a great way to balance your home life with a flexible and rewarding career. Talk to one of our employment specialists today to find the right position in your area.

How long will it take to approve my application and start my assignment?

Some travelers start their first assignment a week after submitting their application, while others plan their assignments several months down the road. How quickly you can start traveling depends on whether your documentation is in order and license is current for the state where you will be practicing. We will work with you to help you get all the paperwork and credential requirements organized in time for your assignment start date.

Does AMS offer clinical support?

Yes. AMT offers clinical liaisons to help our travelers if they have clinical questions or concerns on their assignment. Their support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What are the state licensing requirements for my assignment?

Your employment specialist will advise you on the specific requirements for the state in which you have chosen to take an assignment. For more information, visit our Resources section and click on "Licensing" link under your specific profession category.

What happens after I complete my assignment?

After your assignment is complete, you have many options. Many facilities will give you the option of extending your current assignment, or may offer you a permanent position at their facility. If you prefer, you can travel to a new assignment, or even return home and travel at a later date. It's entirely up to you.

Housing & travel

How will I get to my assignment?

It's best to drive or have your vehicle transported to your assignment, since you'll want to explore your new surroundings and go sightseeing on your days off. If, however, you accept an assignment in a major city where parking is scarce and public transportation is readily available, you can probably do without a car. We will always ensure that you have maps and detailed instructions on how to get to your destination and your new workplace.

Will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?

Yes, we provide our travelers with a generous travel reimbursement. Best of all, it's tax-free.

Is housing really free?

Yes. You will be provided with free, private, furnished housing on every company-paid assignment, no matter where you travel. Speak to your employment specialist for further details.

What type of housing do you provide?

Our standard housing package consists of a free, private one-bedroom apartment. In some locations, studio apartments are offered. Our housing department works with only the most reputable apartment communities to provide you with comfortable and attractive housing conveniently located near your assignment. Your accommodation will be in move-in condition upon your arrival, complete with furniture and utilities. Many of our properties even feature luxurious amenities, including pools, fitness centers and tennis courts. Travelers also have the option to choose their own housing using the generous housing subsidy. For more information, please visit our housing section.

Will you provide accommodation if I travel with my spouse and/or children?

Yes, we will provide you with free, private accommodation in a comfortable setting close to your workplace. We can also provide you with private two-bedroom accommodations. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can find your own accommodation and we will pay you a generous monthly housing subsidy.

Will I receive a housing subsidy if I stay with friends or family?

Yes. If you provide your own housing accommodations for your assignment, AMS will provide you with a monthly housing subsidy. The housing subsidy varies depending on the assignment and the location. To find out specific subsidy amounts, please contact your employment specialist.

Will I be provided with free housing if I travel with a pet?

Yes. Most of our housing accommodations allow travelers to keep pets. If you bring a pet on assignment, please request our private housing option. If the accommodations are clean and well maintained, you will not be charged a fee at the completion of your assignment.

Have more questions?

Please call us at 1-888-772-5470. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions about travel nursing.